Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cry 'Til You Laugh!

This Just In - New Video "Have a Bawl" by Kim Brittingham

Well, she's done it again! One of our most talented & loyal customers, Kim Brittingham, just launched her latest "Kim Weighs In" video, "Have a Bawl", on YouTube. Once more Kim is wearing some of our MiB Styles during the video.

This latest video is an hilarious take on the importance of crying. Kim is both humous and convincing as she outlines and demonstrates why crying is so important for both our physical and mental health.

Kim's new video certainly won't make you cry...except for laughing yourself to tears, but her message is a good one and we agree.

Check out how fab Kim looks in our Embroidered Tunic and Milano Tunic!

Click HERE to view Kim's latest Video on YouTube.

Please excuse us now...we have to go and have a "good cry"!

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