Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cry 'Til You Laugh!

This Just In - New Video "Have a Bawl" by Kim Brittingham

Well, she's done it again! One of our most talented & loyal customers, Kim Brittingham, just launched her latest "Kim Weighs In" video, "Have a Bawl", on YouTube. Once more Kim is wearing some of our MiB Styles during the video.

This latest video is an hilarious take on the importance of crying. Kim is both humous and convincing as she outlines and demonstrates why crying is so important for both our physical and mental health.

Kim's new video certainly won't make you cry...except for laughing yourself to tears, but her message is a good one and we agree.

Check out how fab Kim looks in our Embroidered Tunic and Milano Tunic!

Click HERE to view Kim's latest Video on YouTube.

Please excuse us now...we have to go and have a "good cry"!

Spring Styles are Sizzling Hot

That's right...Spring has sprung at MiB!

We've just launched our new Spring 2010 Collection on our site and already some outstanding styles are selling fast.

Our Jazzy Tee, for example, or our "runners up" for Top Spring Sellers, the Aztec Shirt and the Artist Tunic. All of these winning styles have the same things in common...they are unique, make you feel good when you wear them and will get you loads of compliments, whether you're at the office or your favorite cafe.

Sizzling Jazzy Tee

The Jazzy Tee (pictured at right)
will help you get into the rhythm of spring and feel the beat of the season of renewal. The Jazzy Tee features: bold black and white ovals with bursts of lime, short sleeves, v-neckline, 96% Cotton with 4% Spandex for a comfy fit. Machine wash, dry flat or tumble dry Low. 33" long in size H. Imported.

Pairs perfectly with our new Whisper Jacket and our super cute Whisper Pants or any of our black MiB Pants or black MiB Skirts. A bright graphical Tee that will become a new wardrobe basic for perfect mixing and matching for Spring 2010!

Sizzling Aztec Shirt

The Aztec Shirt (pictured at left)
is another Spring Best Seller that gives you the flexibility and pizazz you'll need for a great Spring Wardrobe! If you liked our Tempest Oversize Shirt, you'll love the boldness of our plus size Aztec Shirt. Bold swaths of color leap out from a field of black with the same design and silhouette as our ever-popular Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt. It features: short sleeves, button front, collar, shirring on front near shoulders, 100% Crinkle Rayon. Hand wash. 34" long in size H. Imported.

Just like our Jazzy Tee, the new Aztec Shirt pairs perfectly with any of our black pants or skirts...a great new wardrobe basic for Spring 2010!

Sizzling Artist Tunic

Forget boring! The new Artist Tunic (pictured at right)
lets the world know you have your own unique style. Over the years, we've found that our artful designs sell best, and the Artist Tunic is no exception to this rule!

This hot, new hand-painted, plus size Artist Tunic is wearable art that will transport you to a world where creative genius meets ultimate comfort. Pairs perfectly with black MiB Leggings and black Venus Pants. The Artist Tunic features: hand-painted print, oversize fit for all day comfort, short kimono style sleeves, rounded neckline, 100% Rayon. Hand wash. 36" long in size H. Imported.

Be sure to add this versatile piece while your size is still available!

Best Prices on Favorites - Fall & Winter Clearance Bargains!

We recently marked-down many of our cutest Fall and Winter Styles. Now is the perfect time to pick up some great bargains that are on Clearance while they are still in-season, cold as it has been. No need to wait until Summer to get your favorites for next Fall and Winter!

Here are just a few of the MiB Styles that are included in our Clearance Sale. Now that they've been marked-down sizes are selling out fast.

The Twill Swing Coat

Customers raved about this great all-season Twill Swing Coat (pictured at left)
this year and for good reason. It's a great layering piece and the colors go with everything.

Read what one of our customers said about her new Twill Swing Coat:

"After looking at this coat online for many weeks and reading reviews I called MIB and talked with one of the staff about fabric, cut etc., and decided to take a chance and ordered it . I am SO GLAD I did. The fabric weight and feel is wonderful! I love that it has no lining which prevents bulkiness in the sleeves and and overall. I can move my arms freely with no pulling or bunching. I ordered it in my correct size J and the fit and length are great. After having many coats, jackets that zipped up the front ( only to have the zipper fail eventually at the feed ) it is nice to have coat with buttons which are much easier to repair/replace. In the online pic the collar looks huge and overlaps the models shoulders which was one of my concerns, however it is not as big as shown and is actually quite flattering and different but does not get in your way. The silhouette is only slightly fuller than I'd like towards the bottom third of the coat but actually allows for more comfort and maneuverability. Oxford color is lovely and it's machine washable to boot. I am very, very pleased!!" --Charlotte E.

Textured Pullover Sweater

Cozy up in our popular Textured Pullover Sweater (pictured at right). Sweaters are a lasting wardrobe investment and this classic pullover with designer touches will become a perennial Fall & Winter favorite in your closet.

Here's what one of our MiB customers said about her new Textured Pullover Sweater:

"Very warm but not hot, sleeves are long enough to be turned up. I haven't had a sweater I liked in a Long LONG time. AND GREAT PRICE. Oh looks great too, I'm a G." --Janet

Throw it on, layer it, wear it under your favorite coat and you're ready to go shopping, take your dog for a walk, go to the park or go for a pleasant weekend bike ride with friends.

Shop our Clearance Sale Now to make sure your size is still available!